Living Sound

the heart of universal harmony

Tones and sounds shape matter and substance in distinctive ways. They act as an organizing force. In years of studies, the cymatics researcher and artist Atmani was able to show specific principles of order. These form the basis of his Lautsänger invention.

The Core of life itself

Lautsänger was created around the very principle that sound is at the heart of universal harmony, the core of life itself.

What is sound?

Science tells us that sound is sonic waves produced by vibrations. Like nesting dolls, we make our way through sound to its most basic principle, we find at its foundation, all things material and immaterial.

Change the sound of an object or yourself, and you change its constitution or disposition as well as the world around you.


The unmistakable Lautsänger experience

Sounds surround us and permeate us at all times. Most of the sounds we hear today are sadly lacking life and vitality. The few organic, natural sounds we hear -- birds singing, the wind blowing, a running stream or the ocean waves against the shore -- we hear these more profoundly. Something living impresses us more deeply than just the act of hearing.


Reciprocal Flow

All of nature has a reciprocal process flowing through it. Sound is no different. In German, the word Klangsog describes this reciprocal process in sound as a “sound flow,” meaning that natural organic sound has within it a reciprocal movement of an outward force and an inward flow. In Cymatics, we see a semblance of this action taking place when we run a bow down the edge of a Chladni Plate and a pattern takes form; once established, round ball-like shapes begin to appear in the outermost or innermost voids and start to make a vortex-like movement. The appearance of these ball-shaped vortexes is this reciprocal flow.

This reciprocal flow found in natural organic sound is the fundamental principle of a sound that is living.

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The ideal companion for daily computer work

The unique sound quality due to the inclusion of the Klangsog allows prolonged, stress-free listening during online meetings and phone calls. A first medical study points to a positive effect of the Lautsänger technology on the human cardiovascular system (report).

viva headset

Cymatic Organs

Cymatic researcher and artist Atmani has spent decades experimenting with sound and materials in order to understand their subtleness to produce a reciprocal flow from a speaker.

By placing specific cymatic forms on the speaker in a consciously arranged fashion, this was finally achieved.

These cymatic forms act like organs facilitating a reciprocal flow through the speaker, producing a natural living sound.

One significant result of the integration of these cymatic organs is that the speaker now evenly fills the whole space with sound so that no matter where the speakers are in relation to you in a room, the sound will be heard equally everywhere, alive and as intense.

Lautsänger is the first company to revitalize the sound you hear from any speaker system or headphones that has within it Lautsänger’s Cymatic Organ Technology.

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